a Modern Day Love Story

They met online... as most couples do

It started with Skype calls

& text selfies too...

Finally, at last, in person they met

They knew it at once...

this was a sure bet.

He brought her home to the Family

She, of course, fit right in.

They'd count down the seconds 'til they'd meet again.

Through the Miracle of Megabus...

...the Chinese New Year...

...a surprise Valentine...

it all became clear.

It didn't take long - they knew what was in store...

his Family & Little Rock opened the door.

They went to Atlantic City

and the St. Louis Zoo

He popped the question

...right out of the blue!

It only made sense. Now the next thing to do...

is invite you to join them

in saying “We do.”

You’re Invited to the Shivers’ Shindig

Celebrating the Joining of Heather Melissa Watson & Jason Aaron Shivers

April 10, 11 & 12, 2015